Working Women’s Oscars

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For those of you that have worked with us on projects you’ll know this and you’ve probably also heard us saying that it doesn’t feel like work if you enjoy what you do. And we do.

The busy portfolio of diverse clients means we are always on our toes thinking of brave and creative concepts. It also means we don’t always have the time to stop and celebrate our success as its usually straight into something else and the next project deadline.

That’s why it was so nice to have recently spend time with the fabulous organiser of the Venus Awards, Tara Howard and her team. We have been lucky enough to have been shortlisted in the new Business Category of the Hampshire Awards which honour the achievements of women in business.

Having external recognition for the hard work that has gone into your efforts to start and successfully run a new business is so rewarding. Its testament to the hard work of all the team including the boys!

We’re now looking forward to the judging stage of the awards where we will welcome Hewson And Nash the sponsors of the Venus Awards, New Business category. They’ve already told us we’re up against stiff competition!

While we wish everyone in our category good luck, we are hoping for that finalist place announcement on September 15.