Are you earning the right attention?

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Finding an agency you can call a trusted partner isn’t easy. There’s no swipe right for selecting one.

Don’t let false promises and flashy gimmicks sway you. If they’ve promised you the earth, they need to make it move.

A real relationship is honest, open, straight talking and exciting. It might have its ups and downs but you have the right to expect it to deliver bravely and creatively.

Ever feel like they are taking you for granted? They should be open to everything – thinking about what you need, asking what is best for you. Not feeling it?

You only achieve that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction when you share thoughts and try new things. One day it might be a social media post; the next a media event might work better for you. If the time is right for a digital push or some engagement, they should be letting you know.

Your agency should be an extension of your business. They should be comfortable with all media channels, not just focussed on one. Every piece of work they deliver should showcase your brand as you’d want it to be seen.

Have they made an effort to get to know the real you? If not why not? They should know your brand inside out, understand what direction you are going in and the strategy that’s going to get you there.

The relationship should be intimate. To be successful you should be prepared to disclose things to your agency you wouldn’t normally let on. This will mean they are best able to support you through any issue.

Being persistent, but pleasantly inquisitive is what partners do. Because if they haven’t found the real you, how real do they sound when they communicate on your behalf?

We make it our business to understand yours – your brand, your people, products, services, the lot.  That way we achieve authentic content which engages your customers.

You know that feeling when you look into someone’s eyes and know it’s only about you? Well you should!

Your agency should keep on surprising you and coming up with new ideas. You might not like them all but you should feel like they are inspired to create new opportunities to get your brand out there.

If you are past the honeymoon period, and now struggling to see a direction or value in what your agency is delivering for you, what’s the point?

An effective relationship is built on trust, the ability to be yourself and achieve the things you want together. If yours isn’t taking your brand to the next level, you are wasting your time.

Your future should be in your sights. And your relationship with your agency is pivotal to reaching your destination.

If you can’t remember or it feels like a long time since you felt the rush of excitement for your marketing communications, you need to change things.

We want to help you achieve great things, get in touch, we’d love to talk.