Customer is king!

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Anyone that is successful in business already knows the importance of delivering an exceptional and personalised service to engage their clients. Something that’s very important to us in the SCC offices.

Customer engagement isn’t just a buzz word or an alias for customer service. Long gone are the days when you just picked up the phone to a client or waited for the post man to deliver.

Today things are different. Social media has resulted in a rapid explosion of opinions, feedback, trust scores and consumer information being readily available to anyone. And what does this mean? Savvy consumers that exercise their right to choose!

Communication and consumer behaviour doesn’t stop at the end of the day anymore. Consumers are always on looking for information available to them and have some expectation businesses will be there to provide it at the time and place they want it. Customers are simply better connected than ever before.

Offline channels do still have their place, in fact, they are as important as ever. It’s the seamless responsiveness between all the channels you use to engage with your clients that matters most. Anyone visiting your shop, website, exhibition space or social media site should get the same experience and feel as they would from talking to your employees.

If your customers don’t get a warm and fuzzy feel from their interactions on the channels you use to communicate they will vote with their feet and its easy as a quick internet search to find a competitor that will meet their needs.

Our first step with clients is always to gain insight about their audiences. How they like to be communicated with, how you can meet their expectations, what works for your business and how it can all roll together to best reflect your brand.

Don’t wait for something to go wrong, make sure you’ve got a plan to deal with the times when things might go wrong. Be proactive and don’t shy away from addressing negative feedback. Customers want to see you are honest and standby your brand values. They will be more likely to forgive small mistakes if they believe you are genuine.

And now back to the earlier question what exactly is customer engagement? It is simply the ongoing and meaningful connection between a business and their clients. It should be based on knowledge of your customers (insight) and the best use of your communication channels.  The result being happy customers that receive great experiences and that will remain loyal to you.

If you would like to find out how you can best engage your customers with the most effective communications channels please get in touch, we’ve got a bucketful of experience in helping clients to reach the audiences that matter most to them.